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Fierce&Noble, a startup brewery based in Bristol, UK, prides itself on its modern approach to the craft of brewing. While they respect tradition, their passion lies in pushing boundaries and creating innovative beer for the contemporary world. Their ultimate goal is to establish themselves as a top player in the craft market. Maintaining their unique identity, ideas, and values is of utmost importance to the team, who believe that it's far too easy to simply follow the crowd. Instead, they strive to stay creative and keep asking "What's next?" to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible. For them, it's not about being combative, but rather challenging the status quo to achieve their vision.

Font Brainstorming
Logo Creation

I recently selected a Yak Cow, a Tibetan bull, as my design choice. This animal represents stability, prosperity and security, as well as manhood, loyalty, reliability, durability, firmness, and determination, all of which are valuable traits for a company. I was drawn to its fierce nature, embodying strength, wildness, and boldness. Upon further research, I discovered that this type of animal also resides in the UK, particularly in the southwest region where the company originates.

From sketch to digital
Logo representation

The circle is representing the shape of the glass.

The hops in the design represent the product, conveying a clear message in a simple way. By incorporating the hops, customers can easily identify that I am promoting beer.

The cow is the brand identity represented with an image.

typographic mockup2.jpg
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