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OFFICE is a renowned fashion footwear expert offering trendy shoes to fashion-savvy customers on every occasion. The brand is known for its distinctive product line, designed in-house and through global collaborations with exceptional quality and unique designs.


Personally, I have been working with Office Holdings for more than two years, and among all the projects, our Home Page redesign was the most significant one.

The challenge

Prior to 2020, our homepage had an outdated design that did not adhere to modern styling guidelines. However, we recognized the need for change and decided to revamp our modular page by introducing small yet impactful interactions. Additionally, we improved the photography style to achieve an editorial look.


Our high-level goals were

Increase user retention

Increase click rate 
Faster response time with light contents
Create an engagement through the categories 

My Role

Strategic thinking




The challenge
Data analysis


Analyzing data is an essential aspect of any process. With the help of a third party, I was able to gather valuable insights into user behaviour, including the:


Exposure rate

Click rate

Revenue rate


By analyzing this data, I gained a better understanding of their journey and was able to prioritize the most important call to action at the top of the page.



I conduct an analysis of users' browsing patterns starting from the homepage. This helps to ensure that our content is arranged in the appropriate sequence, thereby encouraging users to click on the relevant sections of our homepage.


At last, I conducted a competitor analysis to gain insight into how other brands were presenting their content on their home pages. While many had comparable layouts, I found inspiration from brands outside of my direct competition. I explored retailers that sell varied products and fashion design brands before beginning the wireframing stage.

Data analysis
Lo-Fi Wireframes

It was quite a task to restructure the Home Page since every element seemed crucial.


To enhance the content above the fold, I opted for a carousel of images in place of HP1.


Additionally, HP2, HP3, and HP4 images were enlarged, and the CTA was repositioned to avoid overlapping with the creative pieces.


To ensure that the most vital content was visible, I introduced categories on the page, not just in the navigation bar.


Furthermore, UGC was incorporated on the page. The transitions between each section were made smooth and interactive to encourage scrolling.


Hi-Fi Wireframes


Since the redesign, we have observed a significant improvement in the performance of the home page.


The scrolling percentage and scrolling time have increased, and users are now accessing content sections that were previously unseen.


Moreover, the user journeys have become much more efficient, as users are reaching the desired pages in fewer steps. Additionally, direct purchases from the search bar and HPs have been noticeably higher.

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