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At TigerWit, our mission is to revolutionize an industry that has remained stagnant for far too long. Our focus is on utilizing cutting-edge technology to introduce innovative solutions that cater to the needs of traders today and in the future.


We direct all our efforts towards upgrading and reinventing design, systems, and processes, to bring about positive change in the industry.

The challenge

TigerWit is an application that utilizes blockchain technology. Our challenge was to design a user-friendly product that can be easily used by individuals with no trading experience. Our goal was to enable users to benefit from blockchain technology without any prior knowledge of it.


To differentiate ourselves from market leaders, I aimed to create an innovative layout that stands out. After conducting an in-depth analysis, I discovered that the interfaces of other applications were not very intuitive, even after several attempts.


To address this issue, we improved our copy-trading service, which allows new users to learn from experienced traders and gain knowledge about how to use our product efficiently. This has helped us to create a more user-friendly and accessible platform.

Our high-level goals were

Improve copy-trading
Make markets more clear
Easy to use platform for non-traders

My Role

Strategic thinking


UI design

Lo-fi Wireframes

Throughout the wireframe process, our primary goal was to simplify Copy-Trading for novice users. To achieve this, we designed three screens that display the most highly rated "Star Masters" and "Top Masters". Users can choose a master they are interested in and view all relevant information before deciding whether or not to follow them.

The App

With TigerWit's app, you can conveniently open, manage, and close trader positions while on-the-go. You can trade across various currencies using TigerWit's state-of-the-art technology that utilizes blockchain-powered settlements for quick execution, competitive pricing, and worldwide mobile accessibility. competitive pricing, and worldwide mobile accessibility.

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